Roto-BatorRoto-Bator Male Vibrator : $101

Another new vibrator for men, and this one has got the male sex toy community buzzing – literally!  The Roto-Bator is pretty much unlike any other sex toy you’re likely to have used.  There’s no attempt to imitate sex or a vagina or mouth.  And that’s a good thing in this case.  What vagina or mouth can deliciously spin around your penis, giving you indescribable sensual pleasure leaving a big grin on your face for days?

I was pretty excited when this came through the post as it is one of those rare male sex toys that is getting nearly unanimous five star reviews.  Would it live up to the hype for me?  Yes, it certainly did. The silicone masturbation sleeve is soft and gentle, but clings to your penis whilst it spins around allowing the internal ribbing to tease and delight you.  This is quite simply an awesome vibrator for men, and it’s also one of the easiest of male sex toys to clean.  It’s highly unlikely you are going to be disappointed with this toy.

Fleshlight Male Vibrator

fleshlight vibro male vibrator

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 The Fleshlight has for a number of years been the best selling male sex toy in the world.  In fact, the Fleshlight demonstrated for the first time that a male sex toy could sell like the dildos and vibrators that women have been buying for years.  Now the makers of the Fleshlight have gone one stage further in showing that men can have solo sex fun too.  The Fleshlight vibro takes male masturbation to a new level by adding a vibrator to their famous masturbation sleeves.

Two new inner textures to the Fleshlight sleeves have been created especially for the Vibro – the ‘Touch’ and the ‘Cyclone’.  Fans of the existing inner sleeves will be pleased to know that the Vibro is also available with the liks of Pink Lady and Pink Butt.

The Fleshlight Vibro is arguably the first true male vibrator sex toy in the world. 

Buy the Fleshlight Vibro now for just $89.95

Autoblow Male Vibrator

The Autoblow is a special kind of male vibrator – it actually simulates the sensation of oral sex on a man.  It really does give you an automatic blowjob!

The Autoblow vibrator costs under $100 and consists of a realistic masturbation sleeve in the shape of a female mouth, encased in plastic case with metal beeds that slide up and down the sleeve – creating an unbelievably true sensation of having your penis sucked.

The speed of this male vibrator is fully adjustable so you can start slowly and build up to a fast climax.  The Autoblow is easy to clean and operate and is probably the best value male vibrator at less than $100.

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